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Norges Hus, a manufacturer of prefabricated houses based in Tallinn, Estonia, in the BauFachForum product – test:

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The BauFachForum tested wooden homes made by Norges Hus, based in Tallinn, Estonia.
Essentially, the question always arises as to whether products or goods or even prefabricated houses made in another country are poorer quality than houses made by well-known manufacturers of wooden houses form within Germany.

We are following up on this issue for prefabricated houses made by Norges Hus in Estonia using the product test.

Who is Norges Hus?

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Product test by BauFachForum:

Key essentials about this product test in the BauFachForum:
The BauFachForum is not an internet rating like a search portal such as >Reisevergleich24 or Check24Aktion Warentest<. The product test is ultimately simply a classification. The price, whether Nordig Hus is expensive or cheap, is not considered at all.

Test result 1: The cost of shell and interior construction work:
As noted previously, the prices offered by Norges Hus make no difference at all to the BauFachForum.

For the consumer, the only thing about price that will be said is that the prices on the Nordig Hus website appear inexpensive.

However, Nordig Hus is not hiding anything and is fair. The entire houses that we see on the website are not the prices for the entire turnkey home within interior construction finished. Of course, Norges Hus wants to work according to the principles and customs of the country and also together with tradespeople from that country. When there are future expansions or modernisations, of course it is not rational for Norges Hus to become involved again.

In such cases, the homeowner should call the tradesperson back on site who was there throughout the entire construction work.

Thus, Norges Hus has contacts in each country, who determine the overall cost calculation for the turn-key constructions and plan and take over the job on site together with the tradespeople.

For this reason, the prices shown by Norges Hus are prices for the shell construction only!!!! And if BauFachForum were to evaluate these, Norges Hus would lie above the typical price per square footage for Germany due to the high quality of their woods and materials.

Stirly score for price-performance ratio:

3 Stirlis out of 5. Here, the BaufachForum would like that Norges Hus would state their prices even more clearly on their website, indicating that the prices indicate for shell construction only. The cost calculation is taken on by the contact person later, locally, within the country of delivery.

Test result 2: The employees:

Norges Hus is a traditional family-owned business in which the employees are involved just as if they are family too. It is not like here in Germany where everything is exclusively piecework. Not at all. Norges Hus has very strict working hours for social structure – the morning starts at 8am and the day ends at 4:30 in the afternoon. No one works on Saturdays.
This way, Norges Hus has employee satisfaction in the upper third wages typical locally that overall has an effect on work performance and quality as well. You could say that these are “stress-free” houses.

Stirli score: The employees:

In this aspect, the BauFachForum awards the highest possible, 5 Stirlis. The BauFachForum is aware of no other business in Germany that has such a good and caring approach socially as Norges Hus.

Test result 3: Infrastructure and work cycle.

Norges Hus works with equipment made by leading manufacturers. The assembly system is made by Hundegger, a company based in Allgäu, Germany and by Wolf based in Austria. The production system, therefore, although it involves a lot of hand work, is completed using excellent precision machinery. The precision quality is thus at the highest standards.

Stirli score Equipment and production facility:

In this respect, 4 Stirlis out of a possible 5 are awarded. The one point deduction is not because the quality is lacking; instead, because the quality cannot be CE document, as it would be, for example, like with nailing in robot manufacturing. In this case, the human/tradesperson determines where and which design/actions must be made on a one-by-one basis. For this reason, this Stirli deduction is only an indication of the fact that much of the work cannot be documented as it is with the CE manufacturing.

Building with wood; valuable tips:
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