Installation of Prefabricated Houses

Once a prefabricated home has been built, the final step is transporting it to its final location. These houses are designed with this journey in mind, and are built to withstand the potential risk factors that they may be exposed to in transit. Norges Hus has experience installing homes across Europe and utilizes the latest technology and machinery to ensure this process is as smooth as possible.


Preparing for a Prefabricated Home Installation

Part of the development process of a prefabricated home includes consideration of its final destination. Our design and production team will work with customers to find out more about the installation location early on in the house development process, to ensure a prefabricated house is even a logistic possibility, This information gathering stage will involve details about the final location, but also any potential accessibility issues that may arise before getting there (e.g. narrow driveways, steep land, etc).

Installation of Prefabricated Houses

An experienced project manager will work with other members of the team to mitigate these risks, and create a future installation plan that will still allow the home to reach its destination. Sometimes this information will also influence the design of the home or the way it will be transported (in one piece or multiple pieces).


How are Prefabricated Houses Installed?

Norges Hus  strives to make the installation process swift and efficient, reducing the inconvenience for the client and allowing them to move in as quickly as possible. Although each moving process is tailored specifically to the home and the final location it will be placed, the moving process is relatively standardized:

Installation of Prefabricated Houses

First, the prefabricated house elements are moved from the production facility onto the transportation that will be taking them to the final location. This is usually a purpose-built moving truck that can bear the weight of the home. Most elements are placed onto the truck through the use of a large crane with a load capacity of up to 30 tons. The house is then carefully transported to the desired location, usually at night to reduce the amount of risk on the road.


In most situations, the home is transported as a whole unit, but may need to be split into a number of sections for transportation and joined together at the destination. This is most common when the final location offers limited accessibility, and it may be difficult to maneuver the whole house onto the property. Once at the final location, the home will then be moved off of the transportation, and maneuvered into place. This also requires the support of a 30 t – 50 t crane. In situations where the home was transported in separate pieces, these will be joined back together again.

Installation of Prefabricated Houses

At Norges Hus, we make it a priority to ensure that all home installations are swift and create minimal disruption. With a very skilled and experienced team of 4 men, we can mount the house within 3 – 14 days. Offloading and correctly placing the home in the designated spot does require some heavy machinery, but for the majority of our installations, this is just a crane.


Norges Hus Nova OÜ is dedicated to bringing high-quality prefabricated houses to all of our clients, no matter where they are located. The homes are built in Estonia and Portugal, but can be transported safely across Europe. We aim to make high-quality prefabricated housing accessible to everyone, and this includes our customers who may not live in close proximity.